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   So, you're interested in becoming involved with the sport of Dryland Mushing? Great! Let's cover some of the basics of the sport.

Sled Dog Lingo

Hike: "Lets Go!"

Gee: "Right"


On By: "Ignore what's distracting you"

Easy: "Slow down"


Musher: The driver of the dog team

Line Out: "Pull the tugline tight."

    Never run a thick coated or double coated dog, like a husky, in weather over 55 degrees. Dogs with thinner coats, like hounds, shouldn't be run in weather over 65 degrees in colder climates. In warmer climates the tempurtures can be about 10 degrees higher.

   The equipment for each class can me be found on the pages about the sports.

   Consider this fair warning: DOG MUSHING IS ADDICTIVE! (but I suppose there are worse things that on could be addicted to )

Please look at our Trainingpage for information on how to start training your dog.

eHOW Dryland Training for Sled Dogs




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