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What is Bikejoring? 

Bikejoring is a sport in which a dog (or dogs) pull a musher riding a bike. Bikejoring is a good sport for beggining mushers because most people already have a bike. When choosing a bike for Bikejoring, make sure that the bike has adequate brakes for stopping the dogs that you will be using. In bikejoring 1 to 3 dogs are generaly used. There are a few Bikejoring races throughout the US.

What Equipment Do I Need For Bikejoring?


  • A bike with good brakes
  • A dog
  • A sled dog harness
  • A tugline (or gangline for more than 1 dog)
  • A neckline (if using more than one dog)
    Optional Supplies
  • A headlight for bike
  • Reflective vests for dogs and mushers
  • Booties for dogs (if running on pavement)
  • A bike trailer (for longer trips)
  • A handlebar bag to keep all your gear in
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