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What is Canicross?


Canicross is basically a dog/human cross country team . Does that make sense? Let me clear it up a bit. :) A dog (wearing a pulling harness) pulls a human (wearing a skijoring, or canicross belt). With a dog pulling you, you will be able to run faster and farther than you otherwise could by yourself. It is very important to have a belt specifically designed for canicross of skijoring. I would recommend investing in a skijor belt without leg loops, available from Alpine Outfitters. I also recomend the Canicross line (with built in shock absorber and quick relese snap) also available from Alpine Outfitters. There are a few Canicross races throughout the US. Canicross is a good way to start training your sled dog and good way for the musher to get exercise as well.



What Equipment Do I Need For Canicross?

  • A dog
  • A sled dog harness
  • A Canicross (or Skijor) tugline
  • A Canicross (or Skijor) belt


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