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Dryland Mushing vs Traditional Mushing    


   What's the difference between Dryland Dog Mushing and Traditional Dog Mushing? Dryland Mushing is not dependent on snow, while Traditional Mushing is. Both of these sports involve using dogs to pull a vehicle, whether it be a sled, bike, scooter, or gig. Dog “drivers” are called Mushers. As well as driving the vehicle, Mushers are also dog trainers and caretakers. While there are races in both of these sports, traditional dog sledding has long endurance races, such as the “Iditarod” as well as short sprint races that may only be a few miles long. Dryland races are usually only a few miles long and are not as prestigious or competitive as their traditional counterparts. Dryland Dog Mushing is a relatively new sport in the United States, while Traditional Mushing's “Sled Dog Capital of the World” is located in the United States. In both of these events, purebred Siberian Huskies as well as mixed breed dogs are used in races, although Siberians are mainly used on a recreational level. Dryland Dog Mushing tends not to be as expensive as Traditional Dog Mushing, in fact some “Iditarod” Mushers live in tents because they can't afford to buy a house and pay for a dog kennel at the same time. Many Dryland Dog Mushers are just in the sport to have fun and aren't concerned about winning. Although Traditional Mushing and Dryland Mushing have many differences, most Mushers just want to have a good time with their dogs and participate in this exciting sport.



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