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Gig Racing



What is Gig Racing?

Gig Racing is about the closet thing to sled racing in Dryland Mushing. Gig Racing is for larger teams of dogs (the minimum number of dogs is about 4). Most Dryland Races offer 4 and 6 dog gig classes. Gigs are basically standing model tricycles. A gig is pictured at the bottom of the page. Gig Racing is the most costly of the Dryland Mushing sports. Gigs can generally cost over $1,000 new.

What equipment do I need for Gig Racing?

  • A three or four wheeled gig
  • Atleast 3 strong sled dogs
  • A harness for each dog
  • A gangline to attatch tuglines and necklines to
    Optional Supplies
  • A headlight for gig
  • Reflective vests for dogs and musher
  • Booties for dogs (if running on pavement)
  • A sled bag for gig





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